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Hello players. This is the Safeway Run at Midnight Wiki page.

I will be posting the game back story, as well as, other helpful information on this page for current or interested players to view. currently the game is in the rough stages and I realllllly hope to have some more information up before the end of the month. As for now, I have a brief synopsis of the opening act and a short story that will shed some light on what is happening outside of our characters knowledge.

The Plot Synopses

On a dark and shadowy night our heroes find themselves desperately in need of some good beer. With the barn emptied of all ale and wine from that evenings “Casker” our heroes must journey into the town of Saryll to fetch a keg of beer from the Horse and Cow Inn. Upon arrival, they realize that things are not as they should be in the usually calm village. After making their way through burning houses, screaming villagers and zombie hordes our travelers find the inn and realize that something is terribly wrong. The inn is closed. Now the heroes must travel far and wide in search of beer and an end to the terrible plague that has wiped out the village.

What happened?

One afternoon while farming his land Joran stumbled across a rather small, ornate clay pot. The clay pot had beautiful carvings and script that would have looked even better if they had not faded so much. Having no use for the small clay pot Joran departs to the town of Saryll to trade it for what he could. He traveled through the afternoon and arrived in the quiet village shortly before evening meal. During his perusal of the town, he noticed the seal on the lid of the clay pot had begun to break away and made a bee line for the nearest merchant. After a bit of haggling and several pints of ale, Joran agrees on a new straw hat and some buttons.

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